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Testimonial for Gulf Coast House Buyers

I’d like to thank the Gulf Coast House buyers for assisting me in a time that was very distressful for me and my family.  Due to some immense personal problems and some housing insurance issues my house note had become to much for me to bear and had put me under a great deal of stress.  No matter how I tried to fix it, the problem continued to balloon out of control. 

I had put my house on the market but this being my first time selling a house I was taken advantage of and my house went into foreclosure.  The agent who was selling my house procrastinated on the deal until the last minute and my property was set for auction on the 18th of Dec 2007. 

Thank God for Matt Wells and the team at Gulf Coast House Buyers, they came in with a plan and delivered.  I appreciated the way they had everything under control and relieved me of fear of having my property sold on the courthouse steps. 

Matt purchased my property and I made a positive gain from the sell.  More importantly he and his team really provided me and my family a peace of mind pertaining to the ends and out of selling property, the only other thing that  could have made this deal better was to go them first. 

So to Matt and the entire Gulf Coast House Buyers Team thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your help in my time of need.  I recommend if anyone is trying to sell their property and wish to make maximum profit contact Matt and the Gulf coast House Buyers team before you hit the realtor market.  Thanks again folks.



Billy Buchanan

Billy Buchanan
Gulfport, MS

To our fellow friend in need,

Look no further for the solution to your house selling issue.  The associates at Gulf Coast House Buyers are the most compassionate, professional and helpful individuals we have dealt with during a real estate transaction.

After Katrina we, like so many others, were faced with mortgage payments on a house that was damaged and uninhabitable.  Our employment situation changed and the thought of making the mortgage payments after the grace period was over was a staggering and depressing reality.

With one phone call to Gulf Coast House Buyers we set up a meeting to view the property.  We were amazed that they were not only interested, but started the process to close on the house.  Within 10 days our worries were over and all the paperwork was complete.  Our obligation for the mortgage payments disappeared like magic, including the back payments during the grace period. 

BUT that was not the end of their assistance and compassion.  It was still necessary to view the house for insurance lawsuits, SBA and Grant processing.  At every step of the way they went above and beyond our expectations.  Never was our requests meet with any annoyance or resistance.  They made all the arrangements needed to coordinate representatives from their company to allow access to the property around SBA, Grant and lawyers schedules.  They were absolutely amazing.

If you want to be treated like a person and not an acquisition these are the people you need to place your real estate solutions with. 


Joseph and Eileen Ioffredo

Joseph and Eileen
Coast, MS

I have bought, sold, and rented real estate for several years. It has been challenging and rewarding. However, never has it been so easy as when I began doing business with Matt. He has taken all of the tedium out of repairs and negotiating. Thank you, Matt! Sincerely, Margaret Jean
Margaret Jean Kalif
Pass Christian, MS

My husband and I are active duty military and recieved orders out of the country. We needed to sell our house without all the hassles of real estate agents. We also needed to sell quickly. Gulf Coast House Buyers,LLC handled EVERYTHING. All we had to do was sign some paperwork and they did the rest. Thank you so much! I highly recomend contacting them for assistance in selling your house.
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson
Gulfport, MS

A testimony letter to Gulf Coast House Buyers,LLC. I Betty Lampton Wright was and is saved by the purchase of my home going into foreclosure. Gulf Coast House Buyers,LLC helped me a lot by giving me debt relief and is now helping to repair my credit. My contact was Matt Wells.
Betty Lampton Wright
Moss Point, MS

I contacted Gulf Coast House Buyers, LLC about my house. My house was in need of much work and was going to be hard to sell on the open market. Once I spoke to Tammy she presented me with an offer and within 1 months time my house was renovated and sold. No other solution would have gotten my house sold as quickly. Thanks again Tammy.
Sandy Weymouth
D'Iberville, MS

We are very pleased with the services recieved from Gulf Coast House Buyers,LLC. We noticed their office on Dedeaux Road, walked in and spoke to Matt, he immediately stoped what he was doing and followed us to the house. A few days later the house was SOLD!! We would recomend them to all of our friends and relatives. Thanks Matt.
Carlos & Kim Meador
Gulfport, MS

“My husband and I would like to thank you for the help you have given to us in finding the perfect home. We thought the day would never come when we would find something not only in our price range but just the right size. And it’s beautiful and in a great neighborhood. Again, thanks for all of your help.”
Tim & Charmagne
D’Iberville, MS

"Dan is a "Solution Specialist" when it comes to Real Estate. We were in foreclosure and about to lose everything. We called Dan and he came out, looked at our home, asked us what we wanted to leave with and when we said how much we needed for our home he said, no problem I'll get to work. He bought our house in a matter of days, paid us cash for our equity, saved our credit from the devastation of foreclosure, and by taking over our payments has even helped to reestablish our credit. And if that wasn't enough, we needed a place to go and wanted to be closer to our business so that it would be easier to get back on our feet. Dan had a nice rental just a few blocks from our business and he gave us a break on the rent so that we could not be left out in the cold. I can't say enough about them. They were great. I'm so glad we didn't look to a Realtor to sell our house, we would have lost it all. Thanks again Dan. God bless.''
Jo Ann
Gulfport, MS

"We would like to thank Dan & Tammy Triplett of Dantam Investments for the recent purchase of our home. Their aggressive and effective approach to buying real estate enabled us to close and have our check in less than a month and be on our way to retirement in Arizona." Thanks again.
Biloxi, MS

To whom it may concern, I have in the past and continue to presently do business with Daniel Triplett and find him to be of the highest character and standing in the community. All of my experiences with Dan have been both clear and uncompromising. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, James B. Wright, Jr. P.A. Attorney at Law
James B. Wright, Jr. P.A.
Ocean Springs, MS

"We wanted to buy a new house but had to sell our old one before we could, Dan & Tammy bought our old house and put us into a brand new one, they even financed the house for us. No other solution would have gotten us into our new home more quickly."
Ocean Springs, MS

"I am writing this letter about Dan & Tammy Triplett. About November or December of 2000 I found myself in terrible financial shape. I was four months behind on my house note and car notes. I was looking for a rental because the Mortgage Company was going to foreclose on my home. That's when I came in contact with Tammy. She told me that her husband Dan could help me. She called him and the next day he came by my home. He told me what he could do for me. He bought my home that day! He paid all back payments and even paid my taxes. Nothing showed up on my credit report because Dan & Tammy paid all of this immediately. These are really wonderful people and I must say everything they said they would do they did. They let me stay in the home until I found another place. They were sympathetic to my plight and really cared what happened to my wife, son and myself. I cannot thank them enough."
Ken Gautier
-, MS

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